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We prioritize customer satisfaction, providing users with high-quality products and professional services, and contributing to the advancement of technology and the improvement of people’s lives.

Corporate Culture

Our Vision: Crossing boundaries, creating a prosperous future together! Our Mission: Creating value for customers, achieving common development and success!

Server Philosophy

Customer first, excellent quality, integrity, and mutual benefit!

Our Produts

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About US

       Shenzhen Shuangxi Deli Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. It is a company dedicated to the sales of electronic atomization products and digital products.

       We are committed not only to providing high-quality and innovative technology products to meet the needs of modern life but also to emphasizing quality and innovation. We collaborate with reliable suppliers to ensure that each product is carefully manufactured and tested, providing reliable and durable products.

       In addition to offering high-quality products, we value our relationship with customers, aiming to establish good customer cooperation. We listen to customer needs and feedback in order to optimize our products and services in a timely manner, providing a better experience for our customers.

shxitech vape electronic atomization products and digital products Shenzhen Shuangxi Deli Technology Co., Ltd



Address: 401, building 4, No. 393 Chang'an Section, Taian Road, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.
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